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BaRaN Systems is a leader in providing quality control software and add-ins for Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and Microsoft Access. Founded in 1991, the company provides consulting, specialized software development and Statistical Quality Control (SQC), Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Process Monitoring (SPM) software for PC  platforms.  The following products and packages are available from us online:

Product Name Package Name
  eTools for Excel SQC for Excel Six Sigma for Excel SQC for Access
Affinity Diagram for Excel TM 1   1  
Calendar for Excel TM 2   2  
Directory for Excel TM 3   3  
Pareto for Excel TM 4   4  
Project for Excel TM 5   5  
TQM for Excel TM 6   6  
SQC for Excel TM   1 7              1
SQC for Access TM                    2
Root-Cause Analysis for Excel TM (1)        
DB for Outlook TM (1)        
Advanced Calendar for Excel TM        
Outlook Organizer for Excel TM        

Note (1): These products are only available as demos for Beta testing. 

Thanks for your interest in our products, please do the following to install and use our product.

Step 1 - Click on the product name that interests you in the table above.

Step 2 - Understand the main functionality of the program by following the Concept section 

Step 3 - Install the product (or demo) following the Install section

Step 4 - Learn how to run the program by following the Step by Step section 

Step 5 - Use sample data and generate the appropriate results by following the Guided Practice section

Step 6 - Finally, read the Advanced section to learn more about the product functionality.

If you have purchased the product you should have received the serial number for each product.

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